One of the important parts of a house is the window, it brings natural light to the house, sophistication and let you enjoy the view outside. Most of us haven’t seen a house without a window, not only because it is traditional requirements and a house is never complete without a window but because windows serve a lot of purpose. Here are the reasons why windows are important in our home:

  1. It offers a lot of convenience and let you enjoy the view outside 
    Regardless of the location of your home, whether you are in the mountain side, sea side or even in city or anywhere in the country, your windows will let you enjoy the view outside, gives you natural light and provides ventilation in your home. It also offers convenience because the window has a propose depending where it is located in your home, example in your kitchen, commonly it serves as exhaust and let the odour, smoke and hot air escape in your house with hassle. Or even in your bathroom, a window can help release the steam, odour and help keep the bathroom dry.  

2. Provides Safety and Security 
Our house need an opening for lighting and ventilation, this is for sure! Windows can be locked an it can provide security in your home, you can also monitor what is happening on the outside. It will not just provide fresh air and lighting but it can also give you safety and security. 

3. Increase visual appearance of your house 
depending on what type of window you have in your home it will give additional sophisticated look on it. If you are thinking of replacing your old window and don’t know the types and what is suitable for you? A window replacement company can help you with that concern! Below are the common types of windows you might take into consideration: 
a. Slider Windows 
If can give you a bigger and clearer view of the outside and provides a great ventilation for your home. But the downside of this type is it has a large opening and cannot be sealed tightly. This type of window is simple and adds elegant look on your house. 

b. Jalousie Windows 
This type of windows is very common and inexpensive, suitable for warm weather areas and for locations that doesn’t need aircon. The Jalousie is composed of glass slats sets in metal clips where it can easy be opened and closed. If you are wanting for a window that can provide a good ventilation, this type is best for your house plus you don’t have to worry much of you budget. The downside for this is it is not that secured, some household that has Jalousie adds metal frame outside the Jalousie for additional protection. 
c. Bay Windows 
Bay windows is also commonly considered by many, especially if you have a good view outside your house. It Adds a good architectural design on your home and allows light and air at different angle, providing enough ventilation and cool breeze in your home. 

While there are still a lot of types of windows, Park View Window can give you a good choices and options that is suitable for your house and your budget. Contact them now!