According to a source, an average American house can accrue 300, 000 – this is surely a lot of things when you try to think of how many houses in the United States. Why is this so? We all know that there are existing factors for this such as emphasizing the items’ need in the future, thinking they will gain more value over time, or simply because we are emotionally attached to them and we find it hard to toss them away in a dumpster company San Francisco or in our local dumpster. While the two reasons might be true, and the last might be legitimate, they are less sensitive when you try to think of a more organized house.  

It is not easy to throw things away, and so we research effective ways to help you throw the things without regret.  

Many people encounter these three problems that make it hard for them to throw stuff away.  First, they underestimate the space the items occupy and put in a passive attitude about it. Second, they overemphasize the items; need in the future. Third, they hold sentimental value.  

But why do you need to get rid of these things? There are actually more reasons for you to consider than having a good, clean house. Organizing actually frees mental stress that is created by the resistance of cleaning and organizing the house. When you try on procrastinating, the more anxious your mind becomes, and the more stressed you feel. You will feel the resistance and frustration draining your mental energy even if you are not doing the organizing and despite being occupied with doing different things.  

You also get some benefits while doing the actual cleaning. Organizing your things is a good way to destressing as it involves physical movement that stimulates the brain in a good way. Also, the output of the cleaning and organization has a tremendous effect on your stressed mind.  

The formula to Decluttering 

Remember these as you try to make things organize in your house: 

Frequency – how often you use the item? 

Recency – When was the last time you use the item? 

Storage Cost – how much space does it occupy in your storage room or house in general? 

Acquisition Cost – how expensive and difficult it is to obtain or purchase the material again? 

Tips for item disposal 

Question you reasoning of wanting to keep the materials 

Set aside 20 minutes to clean some storage area 

Always remember that your memories are not tied to physical objects. 


We understand how difficult it is to throw away stuff that you think valuable and usable in the future. However, in keeping your house clean from clutters, it is important that you keep a distance from the three problematic reasoning that keeps you sentimental about your things at home. You just need to bear in mind to consider a lot of factors such as the frequency of usage, recency, as well as the acquisition and storage costs.